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September 28, 2011

Christie Freezes the Race

Despite a string of statements saying he wouldn't run for president, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) left the door slightly open last night -- if for no other reason that it would be insulting to the many urging him to reconsider.

First Read: "The news that Christie is reconsidering and has a few weeks to decide on a White House run couldn't have come at a worse time for current GOP front-runners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. It freezes the field, and might make it a little more difficult to raise money in these final days of the 3rd fundraising quarter. (If you're a GOP donor who finds Christie appealing, and you think there's the chance he might get in, you're not cutting a check to either Perry or Romney.)"

Ben Smith: "The most important Republican moneymen in the country, Paul Singer and David Koch, are waiting on him, as are any number of donors and elected officials. This makes it much harder for Romney to consolidate his advantage on Perry. It also makes it harder for Perry to expand his circle of support. And so we're all pretty much waiting for Chris Christie's inner guidance."


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