September 29, 2011

Is Bachmann Running Out of Money?

Several sources tell Politico that Michele Bachmann's campaign has "serious money issues on the horizon."

New York Post: "Insiders are whispering that the Tea Party darling's financials are grim and she may be out of the race before she makes it to the Iowa caucus in February, even though she has a strong base in the state. Sources tell us say Bachmann's skeletal staff are holding their collective breath until the deadline to disclose her fundraising report on Oct. 15. Meanwhile, we hear a computer vendor has called her campaign headquarters threatening to shut down the power due to an outstanding bill. Sources say she had about $400,000 at the beginning of September, but also stacks of bills."

Said one source: "She does not like to ask for money. She should have been focusing on big donors about three months ago. She's only cultivated low dollar donors with direct mailings and that's hurt her."


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