October 12, 2011

Is Romney a Sure Thing?

First Read: "All of the signs continue to point to Mitt Romney being the man to beat for the Republican presidential nomination. He had another strong debate performance last night; he picked up Chris Christie's endorsement yesterday; and more and more members of the GOP establishment continue to break for him..."

"But the data -- especially when you look inside the numbers -- still suggest that Romney is far from a sure thing. As our NBC-Marist poll of Iowa showed, Tea Party supporters and conservatives aren't coming around to Romney, preferring Herman Cain instead by a 2-to-1 margin. In addition, when you add the Cain-Perry-Bachmann percentages in national polls, they outscore Romney's percentage. And even though everything appears to be going Romney's way right now, his numbers have remained pretty stagnant. So while all signs point to the GOP race being over, somebody forgot to tell the electorate -- at least for now."


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