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October 24, 2011

Perry Rebuilds Campaign Team

With reports that Rick Perry has brought on board consultants Curt Anderson, Nelson Warfield, and Tony Fabrizio, an advisor to Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) tells Ben Smith that the Texas governor has reassembled the team that helped run Scott's "unlikely, big-spending, and successful 2010 campaign."

Mark Halperin: "These are three smart guys. Fabrizio and Warfield both helped get Rick Scott elected governor of Florida while Warfield and Anderson have long histories with the tax reform/simplification movement -- key as Perry starts selling his flat tax. Warfield also had a period of criticizing the flat tax, as a spokesman for Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign, when Steve Forbes was touting such a proposal; Warfield will now be Forbes' colleague on the Perry campaign. In some ways, the Texan's original, relatively small team had been overwhelmed by the demands of getting a campaign up and running. How the additions will impact the balance of power within the campaign remains to be seen."


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