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December 13, 2011

Why Romney's Campaign is Different Than Clinton's

Politico looks at the some of the similarities between Mitt Romney's campaign and Hillary Clinton's four years ago. In fact, Romney "has followed the Clinton playbook so closely, her former aides say, you'd think she won her party's nomination."

But First Read points out "three key differences: (1) Romney doesn't appear to be spending the amount of money that Clinton did. Remember, after Super Tuesday, the Clinton campaign essentially ran out of money (in large part, because it didn't anticipate a contest past then). But Romney's team has hoarded much of its cash. In fact, the main entity bombarding Iowa airwaves is the pro-Romney Super PAC, not the campaign. Team Romney has LONG planned for the LONG nomination fight; (2) Romney's camp isn't "all in" in Iowa, the same way Clinton's was four years ago. That's why Clinton's loss in the Hawkeye State was so devastating and why her victory in New Hampshire a week later was so surprising; And (3) As we mentioned yesterday, Newt Gingrich's operation isn't Obama's from 2007-2008, whether it's in fundraising or organizing."


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