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December 29, 2011

Romney Playing to Win in Iowa

Mitt Romney will hold a post-caucus party in Iowa, the Des Moines Register reports.

"The next morning, the former governor will do press interviews before flying to New Hampshire, the next state on the voting calendar and a crucial contest for Romney."

First Read: "Folks, that is playing to win. Talk about confidence The safe move -- and the one that seemed telegraphed a few weeks ago -- would be to travel to the friendly confines of New Hampshire before or immediately after the caucuses, to downplay their importance and do the morning shows from Manchester, NH. But his campaign is now playing them up (and finishing anywhere outside of the top spot or JUST behind Ron Paul would be embarrassing). Here's another sign of increased confidence: Team Romney is up with a new 60-second TV ad, which is taken straight out his stump speech. And get this: The campaign has approximately 1,000 advertising points on the air in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. That's playing to win."


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