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December 30, 2011

Negative Ads Against Gingrich Worked

First Read notes the negative TV ads directed at Newt Gingrich -- from the pro-Romney Super PAC and also the Paul campaign -- "have worked, and they might be the most consequential story so far of the GOP presidential race."

"Besides Gingrich's drop from first place to fifth, 35% of likely caucus-goers now say the former House speaker would be unacceptable as the GOP's nominee (only Paul has a higher 'unacceptable' rating). That's a whopping 19-point increase (!!!) from last month, and only Paul has a higher 'unacceptable' rating. (Just 21% say Romney would be unacceptable and 24% say Santorum is unacceptable.) What's more, only 6% in the survey identify Gingrich as the 'true conservative' in the Republican contest."

The Note: "How total was the airwave pile on Newt Gingrich this month? Half the ads in Iowa had a Gingrich focus. And the vast majority were negative, per a new analysis from the Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks the television ad wars. They calculate that 45 percent of the ads aired in Iowa were anti-Newt this month.  Only one in five negative ads were directed at Mitt Romney."


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