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January 08, 2012

Romney Escapes Unscathed in Last Night's Debate

"A relaxed and self-assured Mitt Romney sailed above the fray at a crucial debate on Saturday night as his Republican rivals engaged in a spirited fight to determine which of them would emerge as his most formidable opponent when the party's nominating contest moves past New Hampshire," the New York Times reports.

Washington Post: "But the debate failed to live up to expectations that Romney's rivals would use the occasion to blunt his momentum. His opponents criticized him sporadically and to little effect, allowing Romney to glide easily through the nearly two-hour forum."

Brad Phillips: "Mr. Romney has clearly pivoted to becoming a general election candidate, brushing his fellow competitors aside with the kind of ease Mike Tyson once used to dispatch Michael Spinks. He competently deflected questions about whether he was responsible for downsizing thousands of employees as part of Bain Capital, leaving his glass jaw completely intact."

Andrew Sullivan: "But the real lesson of this debate is that this crew is the worst assembled for the nomination of a major party that I can recall."

Howard Kurtz: "The night's big loser, in fact, was Rick Santorum, who didn't have a single memorable moment and forfeited the chance to build on his virtual tie in Iowa before a national audience."

The Daily Beast has video clips of the best moments.


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