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January 11, 2012

Did Bain Attacks Come Too Soon for Democrats?

Joe Klein warns that Democrats "shouldn't get too cocky about the internecine bloodshed. They've been handed a gift. Romney's love of pink slips will stand as a historic blunder, one of the stupidest statements I've ever heard a politician make. And yes, it's mega-dumb even in context. Who actually likes firing people? Only a person who has not even the most rudimentary understanding of what it means to be fired. It's as insensitive and lunkheaded as saying, 'There's an upside when old people die.' Or, 'Miscarriages tend to weed out the bad apples.'"

"But the fact that Bain has blown so big, so early may not be good news for Democrats... if Romney wins the nomination, this early fuss might have inoculated him against the Scrooge gambit. The public may feel Bain is same old, same old by October."

However, Greg Sargent argues that the GOP attacks have now given bipartisan legitimacy to what was previously an exclusively Democratic argument, making it tougher for Romney to counter that its "anti-capitalist."


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