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January 15, 2012

Brown, Warren Try to Limit Outside Spending

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) and his leading challenger Elizabeth Warren (D) have agreed to have their campaign managers meet to find a way to "keep outside groups from airing millions of dollars in ads attacking both candidates," The Hill reports.

"The result -- if both candidates make good on the meeting -- could be the first attempt at a brokered arrangement between two candidates dealing with outside groups since the game was changed in 2010 by the Citizens United ruling. The dispute also has the two rivals in a marquee Senate race entering largely unchartered territory as they look for ways to restrain outside groups without violating prohibitions on coordinating with them."

Rick Hasen: "Even if they reach agreement, I predict that there will be tremendous outside spending in this race. Control of the Senate could turn on it. Super PACs will have no incentive to listen to the candidates, whether they are sincere or not in wanting to limit outside spending."


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