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February 28, 2012

Tonight's Primary Results

Polls are now closed across most of Michigan, although several voting districts will be open until 9 pm ET.

Preliminary results should be available soon.

As expected, Mitt Romney wins the Arizona primary. No networks are willing to make a projection in Michigan.

First Read: "Despite the -- warranted -- focus on Michigan over Arizona, Romney will actually win more delegates out of Arizona than Michigan, no matter the outcome, because Michigan is winner-take-all by congressional district."

Bettors on Intrade now give Romney a 92% chance of winning in Michigan.

Exit polls show that 9% of Michigan primary voters self-identified as Democrats. Among these voters, Santorum won 53% while Romney won 17%.

Nearly every early indicator in Michigan is showing Romney doing better than expected. Most analysts -- including Karl Rove, Joe Trippi and Mike Murphy -- now think Romney will ultimately win.

No network is willing to call the race for Romney as of 10 pm ET, but it's essentially over.

At 10:13 pm ET, NBC News projected Romney will win the Michigan primary.


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