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March 01, 2012

That Presidential Voice

Todd Purdum: "Throughout this entire campaign season, the only Republican who has ever seemed remotely presidential is Romney himself -- and he is 'presidential' almost on a technicality, or by default. Ron Paul is a quirky outlier; Gingrich a bungle of brainy notions and bristling ego; Santorum a dark scold well outside what's left of the mainstream in his party and a frightening apparition to the swing voters who will help choose the next president. Rick Perry and Herman Cain have already passed into the records books as punch lines. And yet every time Romney has been forced to brush up against this motley field, he looks tinier than the last time, his jaw just a bit more brittle and his mien more frantic, not more self-assured."

"The good news for Romney is that he has a good long time to find his presidential voice. The bad news is that, unlike ads and advisers, it's something that money can't buy."


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