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March 05, 2012

How Romney is Lying About Health Care

Jonathan Chait notes how Mitt Romney was left in a difficult position when President Obama suddenly embraced the individual health care insurance mandate -- which Romney passed in Massachusetts and even offered as a model for Obama.

"What was once a Republican idea in good standing was now, suddenly, unconstitutional and the greatest threat to freedom in American history. This left Romney in an awkward spot. It's hard to run for president as the advocate of an idea that your party considers the greatest threat to freedom in history. His response was to simply revise the past, much as he did with abortion. Romney now claimed he had never advocated a federal version of his Masscare program..."

"Romney is now on the verge of escaping with the party nomination having embraced a program his party considers inimical to freedom itself and blatantly lied about having done so without any major opponents pointing this out. It's pretty incredible."

BuzzFeed has three videos from 2009 showing Romney urging Obama to use his Massachusetts health care plan a national model.


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