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March 09, 2012

South Carolina Lt. Governor Likely to Resign

South Carolina was abuzz with the possibility that Lt. Gov. Ken Ard (R) will resign over ethics violations - possibly as soon as today, the Columbia State reports.

"One looming question is whether Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell (R), will assume the post of lieutenant governor, as is outlined in the state Constitution, if the embattled Ard is forced to step down because of a state investigation into his 2010 campaign spending."

"Speculation has run high for weeks that McConnell would not want to exchange his current position - as the Senate's most powerful member - for the post of lieutenant governor, a largely ceremonial position. One theory is McConnell may resign his post before Ard resigns, then run for election as leader of the Senate again once that body selects a new president pro tem who will be elevated to become Ard's successor."

Update: WIS-TV reports Ard has resigned.

Update II: The AP reports Ard was indicted on criminal ethics charges.


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