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March 13, 2012

Big Night for Republicans

Yes, we've heard this many times before, but the Republican presidential nomination could come down to a single night's primary results.

Mike Allen: "If Newt Gingrich loses the primaries in both Mississippi and Alabama, after being tied for first in each, he could be effectively out of the race. If Gingrich wins both, he has a fresh rationale for going forward and denies Rick Santorum the chance for a one-on-one -- ensuring that no non-Romney can accrue anywhere the delegates needed to deny Mitt Romney the nomination. If Santorum wins both, he has an argument to go on, despite little shot at the crown. If Romney wins both, he can say he has won in the deepest South, Michigan, Ohio and Florida - case closed."

First Read: "By the way, there's a reason why the Romney folks have concentrated more on Alabama than Mississippi: Because third place in an Alabama congressional district doesn't net you a delegate, second place there matters a lot."

Polls close in both states at 8 pm ET.


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