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March 14, 2012

An Epic Battle in Illinois

The Illinois primary is next Tuesday and after last night's victories by Rick Santorum it's shaping up to be a very important contest in the GOP presidential race.

First Read: "Once again, the pressure is on Romney. And once again, Team Romney has a HUGE advertising advantage, with the campaign and Super PAC spending nearly a combined $3 million so far (versus $16,000 for Gingrich and zero for Santorum). But the pressure is on Santorum, too. Can he defeat Romney in a state that isn't dominated by conservatives and evangelicals? Can he pull off what he was unable to do in Michigan and Ohio? Romney hasn't won an 'away game,' but neither has Santorum."

"And the delegate match is NOT kind to Santorum in Illinois either. He didn't file full delegate slates in the congressional districts; he's 10 short. And Illinois is not an allocation system, it's DIRECT ELECTION of the delegates INDIVIDUALLY in the congressional districts. A total nightmare, to be honest, for those tracking delegates. But it almost guarantees Romney will likely win a majority of the state's delegates even if he loses the statewide vote, which has ZERO delegates connected to it."


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