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March 23, 2012

Health Care Back on Center Stage

First Read: "Two years ago today, surrounded by legislators and cameras, President Obama signed the health care act into law. Today, there won't be a commemoration but the real action is NEXT week. The fate of the president's signature legislation will be in the hands of the Supreme Court, which begins oral arguments in the case Monday. The country remains split to slightly more unfavorable on the law, and how the Supreme Court will decide is anybody's guess."

"But it's clear whatever the court decides in June could have a big impact on the presidential race. There are a lot of different ways to slice it and speculate what the various potential outcomes could mean, but no one's EXACTLY sure how it will all play out. Certainly, if the mandate is struck down, that will be a major black mark for the president. Anything other than it being upheld is bad for the president. It's simple: The court upholds it, it's good for the president. If it doesn't, it's bad for him."


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