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April 02, 2012

Romney's Poor Expectations Management

Nate Silver uses Mitt Romney's likely victory in the Wisconsin Republican presidential primary this Tuesday to highlight a major weakness of his communications strategy: "Mitt Romney's campaign has applied a sledgehammer approach to the delicate art of managing expectations."

"If campaign officials think Mr. Romney is going to win a state, they will find a way to broadcast that to the news media -- even when it might not seem to their advantage to do so. If they think Mr. Romney will lose, then they won't... Mr. Romney is taking an unnecessary risk by appearing so confident of victory. Mr. Romney almost certainly doesn't need to win Wisconsin to win the nomination, especially since he should win Maryland and the District of Columbia on Tuesday whatever happens there. But the more he raises expectations, the more negative headlines a loss in Wisconsin would generate, requiring him to focus more strenuously on the states left to vote in April, May and June rather than concentrating on the general election and President Obama."


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