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April 09, 2012

Ron Paul's Leverage

As the Republican presidential primary enters its endgame, many pundits and party insiders are asking what role Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul will play for the remainder of the race. The Fix notes that when it comes to making demands, Ron Paul may be in the stronger bargaining position.

"Paul has a group of supporters whose ardor for his message is far greater than any other candidate can boast. Not only that, but Paul's backers are loyal first and foremost to Paul -- not to the Republican party. And that's what makes Paul potentially influential as the race moves forward... At some point between now an August, Paul and his people will want something -- a speaking slot at the national convention? Consideration of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul as a running mate? -- from Romney World. They may not get it. But Paul is in a much stronger bargaining position than Gingrich to extract promises from Romney because he can do far more damage if he isn't placated. "


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