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April 09, 2012

Why Romney's "Out of Touch" Argument Works

Michael Crowley notes that while Mitt Romney has begun attacking President Obama using issues on which he is weak himself, the odds are low that Romney will be "shamed out of these zingers. He is happily taking advantage of two enduring political truths."

"One is that, while the presidency offers countless political advantages, it does trap its occupant in a bubble of prestige and security that is impossible to avoid. The bubble is especially dangerous in hard economic times, when voters are on watch for politicians who may not be aware of their day-to-day hardships... The second is that stereotypes die hard in politics, and certain attacks are more effective against one party than against the other. Romney may be even more of a Harvard man than Obama is. But he knows that Americans are probably more inclined to think of Democrats as the party of know-it-all academic elites. (It helps that Obama was actually a professor.) In fact, anti-elitism has been a crucial GOP line of attack in every recent election; never mind that in each case the substantive difference was almost nonexistent."


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