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April 10, 2012

Santorum's Overachievement

Steve Benen: "Stepping back and considering the larger context, it may be tempting to dismiss Santorum's presidential campaign as something of a joke. It was underfunded and disorganized, led by an unfocused candidate pushing a cultural/social message that seemed badly out of step with voters' priorities. Even when Santorum enjoyed the national lead for a brief time, there was always a lingering sense that his frontrunner status could not and would not last."

"But in a strange sort of way, I consider the Santorum campaign one of the most impressive things I've seen in presidential politics in quite a while... Despite having very little money, no staff, no organization, few endorsements, an unimpressive legislative record, and a weak message, Rick Santorum managed to beat Mitt Romney 10 times during the Republican nominating race (Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana). The total reaches 11 if you include Missouri's pseudo primary in February."

"That's pretty amazing when you think about it."


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