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April 10, 2012

The Case for Romney Picking Portman

Add Major Garrett to the list of people who think Mitt Romney will choose Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) as his running mate.

"There are real downsides and risks to a Portman pick expressed by Republicans and Democrats alike, but given different weight and emphasis: Portman's a bore, and their ticket would be boredom squared, or squares squared; he offers nothing to women voters or Latino voters; he carries the taint of Bush-Cheney policies; and he's not conservative enough for the Tea Party. To one degree or another, these are all valid complaints. But Romney has the same perceived 'flaws' and he's going to win the nomination."

"Portman can't fix Romney's flaws. Neither can anyone else. That means all other things being equal, Romney will look for someone he knows and trusts; who has delivered for him; who can put a vital swing state in play; who can immediately help him tackle the hardest issues if he's elected; and whose selection tells the country Romney's first big decision as a nominee wasn't a gasket-blowing gamble or one festooned with the garish and outmoded trappings of regional or ideological balance."


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