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April 12, 2012

Romney Blames Obama for "War on Women"

In the next example of Mitt Romney using areas where he has shown weakness to attack President Obama, ABC News notes that Romney is "going on the offense addressing a perceived gender gap, filing in groups of women at his events, repeating again and again their argument that more than 92 percent of jobs lost under the Obama administration were held by women and now sending a barrage of statements from female politicians disparaging the President's economic policies."

Rachel Weiner: "But beyond that 92 percent number, which our Factchecker deemed misleading, Romney has gotten stuck. Asked to expand on how the president's policies hurt women in particular, his staff couldn't answer. Asked if Romney supported the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, which makes it easier for workers' to sue over gender-based pay disparities, they again were unsure. Two hours later, a spokeswoman clarified that Romney 'supports pay equity and is not looking to change current law' -- after Ledbetter herself sent out a statement attacking the Republican candidate."


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