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April 25, 2012

Has Obama Found a Way to Attack Romney's Wealth?

As the presidential campaign gets underway and President Obama and Mitt Romney search for useful attacks on one another, Tim Alberta thinks the Obama team has "achieved plausible deniability" for running against Romney's wealth "without ever explicitly mentioning their target."

"They know that attacking Romney for his prosperity and privileged background is terrible politics. But they also recognize that Romney's wealth speaks to his single biggest vulnerability, the perception of being an out-of-touch aristocrat who can't empathize with the struggles of everyday Americans. Obama, on the other hand, possesses the unique ability among politicians to connect with voters by saying he feels their pain -- and then proving it... With Romney finally emerging as their all-but-official opponent, it appears Obama's team thinks the most effective way to force this implicit comparison upon the American electorate is by reminding them not of Romney's rich background, but of Obama's humble beginnings. And America loves an underdog."


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