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May 07, 2012

Obama Has Edge in a Close Race

With new polls showing a close presidential race -- both nationally and in the swing states -- First Read points out how "far ahead the Obama campaign is of the Romney campaign when it comes to organizing on the ground."

"It's not even close on this front; It's amazing how in just eight short years, the Republicans have allowed one of their great strengths from 2004 (field organizing) to simply disappear. If a close election is decided on mechanics: advantage Obama. By the way, with all this back-n-forth on crowd sizes -- it's fair to say Obama '08 would have out-drawn Obama '12 in both cities. But the problem for the GOP is that Obama '12 still outdraws Romney '12... and by a LOT. Will Romney address a crowd as large as Obama did on Saturday before Tampa?"

Boston Globe: "The presidential election is six months away but Democrats have already poured almost $25 million into key states where the get-out-the-vote ground game could tip the Electoral College in a potentially tight contest. Republicans say they will follow suit in the run-up to the election, but so far have sent just over $1 million to state parties."


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