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May 07, 2012

RINO and DINO Hunting

John Avlon: "RINO hunting has long been a problem inside the Republican Party, through groups like the Club for Growth--which has dumped $1.4 million against Lugar. They target congressman and senators they label "Republicans in Name Only"and justification is always a defense of fiscal discipline. But peel back the bumper sticker and there is a social conservative litmus test at work as well. Good luck naming a libertarian pro-choicer who has been supported by these forces. Or finding the organized outrage direct at notorious pork barrelers like Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi. Their bottom line is party line."

"What new is that DINO hunting is starting to catch on in Democratic circles. This particular purification purge is still emerging--Democrats are amateurs compared to Republicans when it comes to taking down their own, as evidenced by the asymmetric polarization afflicting the right side of Congress. But just last month, the DINO hunters claimed two kills, knocking off a pair centrist Democrats from the swing state of Pennsylvania, Reps. Jason Altmire and Tim Holden."


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