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May 10, 2012

Biden Forced Obama Timing on Gay Marriage

Bloomberg reports President Obama "reached a turning point early this year and decided to publicly back gay marriage... How and when to do it -- sometime before the Democratic convention in September -- was a closely held discussion involving only about a half-dozen aides. At the end of last week, timing was decided for them."

Steve Kornacki: "If they were playing their assigned roles, it would have been Obama leading the way on same-sex marriage this week, issuing an eloquent call for equality that would prompt Biden to come around too. Instead, it was the vice president who made the first move... There's some obvious political logic to this role reversal, which has helped fuel speculation that the events of the past few days were all part of an orchestrated White House rollout: Biden launches a trial balloon on Sunday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan ups the ante on Monday, until finally it's safe for Obama to make the leap that his base has been expecting him to make for years. But as conspiracy theories go, this one's a bit hard to swallow."

CBS News notes when Obama was asked if he was upset with Biden for jumping the gun, he said Biden "got out a little bit over his skis, but out of generosity of spirit."


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