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May 11, 2012

Who is Mitt Romney?

First Read notes the Romney campaign "appears to have picked the fastest path" of trying to get the bullying story behind them. "Let the candidate vaguely address, accept the fact you'll have a bad news cycle or two and hope it's done by next week."

"But this story exposed a bigger problem for Romney. The first thing anyone running for office has to do is own their own narrative; they need to define themselves before the other side does it for them. And the bigger issue here is that the story brings to light how Romney - despite running for president for five years - is still not completely defined; his narrative is still being formed. The question of, 'Who is Mitt Romney,' is still out there. Just because you have high name ID, doesn't mean people know who you are. It's the great mistake that John Kerry made in 2004. When you first start running as a presidential candidate, you're usually a two-dimensional figure. By the general election, you're 3D; you're fully formed. Romney's STILL not yet fully formed despite fact that he's run for president for so long. The story's a reminder of how easily others are trying to fill in the blanks. Which begs the question: why is Romney still not fully-formed in the minds of the public?"


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