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May 14, 2012

Obama Attacks Romney as Job Destroyer

President Obama "is casting Mitt Romney as a greedy, job-killing corporate titan with little concern for the working class in a new, multi-pronged effort that seeks to undermine the central rationale for his Republican rival's candidacy: his business credentials," the AP reports.

"The ad, at the unusual length of 2 minutes, will run in five battleground states: Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Colorado. The campaign declined to describe the size of the ad buy though it's in the middle of running a $25 million, month-long ad campaign in nine states. A longer version of the ad was being posted online Monday."

Howard Kurtz: "By unleashing it in May, the Obama team is signaling that it wants to define Romney now, while his public image is still gauzy, rather than wait until attitudes have hardened in the fall."

First Read: "We have three additional thoughts on the anti-Bain ad. One, it's another reminder -- coming after last week's bullying story -- that the Romney campaign isn't defining its candidate first; others are doing that... Two, the Obama ad does bring the discussion back to the economy, after weeks of conversation about anything but... And three, this VERY NEGATIVE Obama ad comes after last week's positive ones. There's a belief by some strategists that once Memorial Day hits, it'll be harder and harder to secure the attention of voters as they focus on their summer plans."

Here's the ad:


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