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May 15, 2012

Independent Group Admits Failure

Americans Elect, "the deep-pocketed nonprofit group that set out to nominate a centrist third-party presidential ticket," admitted that its online nominating process had failed, Politico reports.

"The group had qualified for the general election ballot in 27 states, and had generated concern among Democrats and Republicans alike that it could wreak havoc on a close election between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. But just after a midnight deadline Monday, the group acknowledged that its complicated online nominating process had failed to generate sufficient interest to push any of the candidates who had declared an interest in its nomination over the threshold in its rules."

John Avlon: "Americans Elect may be an idea ahead of its time, but the money and effort spent to date clearing the hurdles placed in the way of independent candidacies -- for president or any other office -- should not be wasted... So here's hoping that a credible balanced ticket is put forward if only as a placeholder for the ballot lines they worked hard to secure so that future reform efforts are able to grow out of this flawed but well-intentioned and innovative endeavor."


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