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May 17, 2012

Super PAC Readies Super Attack on Obama

The New York Times reports a group of "high-profile Republican strategists is working with a conservative billionaire on a proposal to mount one of the most provocative campaigns of the super PAC era and attack President Obama in ways that Republicans have so far shied away from."

"Timed to upend the Democratic National Convention in September, the plan would 'do exactly what John McCain would not let us do,' the strategists wrote. The plan, which is awaiting approval, calls for running commercials linking Mr. Obama to incendiary comments by his former spiritual adviser, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., whose race-related sermons made him a highly charged figure in the 2008 campaign."

First Read: "One, the advertising campaign -- if it aired -- would consume the Obama-Romney race for a week or more. Forget the economy, the deficit, even gay marriage; this ad would bury everything else. Think Swift Boats on steroids. Two, it's questionable the campaign would work. While we know that there are conservatives who want to portray Obama as a socialist tied to people who hate America, his actual record over the past four years -- championing legislation that once had GOP support (stimulus, health-care reform, even cap-and-trade) and killing Osama bin Laden - doesn't back-up the conspiratorial narrative portrayed in this plan."


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