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June 13, 2012

Obama To Argue He Needs More Time

"In an economic speech on Thursday that could set the tone for months of campaigning, Obama is not likely to unveil new ideas to boost the economy and create new jobs," Reuters reports.

"Instead, he will make the case that he needs four more years to undo the damage left by George W. Bush, his Republican predecessor in the White House, and argue that a President Romney would bring back the weak financial regulation and budget-busting tax cuts of the Bush years."

"The strategy defies the widely held view among political analysts that most voters decide whether to fire or re-hire an incumbent president based on his own record... But many Democrats believe that Obama must put his achievements into context by explaining that he has spent his first term digging out from a disaster that was brought on by a Republican presidency."

Greg Sargent: "It's becoming clearer and clearer that one of the primary challenges facing Obama's reelection campaign is figuring out a way to turn the focus on to Mitt Romney."


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