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June 20, 2012

Why Romney Probably Won't Pick Rubio

First Read ponders the back and forth reports yesterday over whether Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is on Mitt Romney's vice presidential short list.

"But here's a little rule of thumb in American politics: If you have to say you're vetting someone, is that someone really under serious consideration? Indeed, despite being the party's rising star and a favorite of the GOP base, the signs always have pointed AGAINST Rubio being Romney's pick. Why? For starters, he's only been a U.S. senator for a year and a half, and he didn't endorse Romney until late in the GOP primary season. Then there's the opposition research out there on him -- something that the Romney folks who worked for Charlie Crist's 2010 Senate campaign know pretty well: Rubio charged more than $100,000 to state GOP credit cards, had racked up nearly $1 million in personal debt, and had nearly foreclosed on a home. No doubt that Rubio has plenty of assets (young, Latino, from Florida). But he also carries a lot of risk for the usually risk-averse Romney."


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