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August 01, 2012

A Bad Year for Rick Perry

Public Policy Polling notes that Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) was a big loser in last night's GOP Senate runoff since he had enthusiastically backed David Dewhurst (R) over the ultimate winner, Ted Cruz (R).

"Our final pre-election poll on this race found that two times more Texas Republicans considered an endorsement from Rick Perry to be a negative than a positive. 35% said they were less likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by Perry, 15% said they were more likely to, and 50% said they didn't care either way. Dewhurst's choice to spotlight his support from Perry so heavily is curious against the backdrop of those numbers."

"The result tonight provides real world evidence of something that we've been finding in our polling for a while now: that Perry's standing has been significantly diminished in Texas after his failed White House bid and that he could be in serious trouble if he tries for another term in 2014."


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