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August 11, 2012

How Romney and Ryan Tricked the Press

ABC News reports on how Mitt Romney's campaign and Paul Ryan "appear to have employed an elaborate cloak and dagger operation to spirit Ryan and his family, under the noses of reporters staking out the Wisconsin Congressman's house in Janesville, undetected to Norfolk for Saturday's announcement."

"Ryan was spotted by reporters in his driveway when he came home after the funeral Sikh memorial service for those killed in a tragic shooting in his district last week. Ryan went to his side door near his garage and was locked out. He said he had left his keys in a staffer's truck. He then said he thought his wife was not home. Ryan looked for a way in and a reporter shouted, 'Don't you want to show us where you hide a key under the door mat?' He laughed and said he knew another way and went into his backyard. This is the last time reporters saw him in Janesville on Friday."

"How he eluded the press and popped up in Norfolk, Virginia, remains something of a mystery. In the next three hours, he presumably snuck out of his house or had never entered, sneaking instead out the backyard."


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