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August 11, 2012

More Reactions to Paul Ryan

Walter Shapiro: "If nothing else, putting Paul Ryan on the ticket guarantees that the October 11 vice-presidential debate will be destination television viewing. And however the politics sort themselves out, the 2012 presidential election has suddenly become interesting as well as merely important."

John Avlon: "Paul Ryan is a bold and risky pick for vice president by Mitt Romney.  Forget all the talk about the risk-averse Mitt Romney and his policy-free campaign. Romney just embraced a man whose deficit reduction plans are impressively specific -- and controversial. This is what a game-changer looks like post-Sarah Palin."

Nate Silver: "Taking risks like these is not what you do if you think you have a winning hand already. But Mr. Romney, the turnaround artist, decided that he needed to turn around his own campaign."

Steve Kornacki: "To say this is politically risky is an understatement... There are endless reasons to doubt this will work. The toxicity of the Ryan budget has been tested (on a small-scale, granted) before, and the results weren't good for the GOP. Which is why, more than anything else, this is a huge risk for Romney - a risk he wouldn't be taking if this summer hadn't gone so poorly for him."

Ryan Lizza: "But the good thing about the Ryan pick is that the Presidential campaign will instantly turn into a very clear choice between two distinct ideologies that genuinely reflect the core beliefs of the two parties. And in that sense, Romney's choice of Paul Ryan is good news for voters."

Brad Phillips: "In his first speech as a vice presidential nominee, Mr. Ryan struck me as inherently relatable, something that stands in marked contrast to Mitt Romney's more restrained and stiff persona. That amiability shouldn't be underestimated. As Democrats spend the next few days trying to demonize Ryan as a reckless cost-cutter, Independent and Republican voters may experience a bit of cognitive dissonance, trying to reconcile the 'scary' person his opponents say he is and the friendly person they see on their television screens."

Jonathan Bernstein: "I don't think it will doom the campaign or anything like that, but it is worth noting that this is a shockingly inexperienced ticket, especially when it comes to national security and foreign policy."

David Frum: "Romney has transformed a campaign about jobs and growth into a campaign about entitlements and Medicare. Romney will now have to spend the next months explaining how and why shrinking Medicare after 2023 will create prosperity in 2013. Economic conditions are so tough -- the Obama reelection proposition is so weak -- that Romney may win anyway. But wow, the job just got harder."


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