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August 14, 2012

No Longer About the Economy

First Read: "There was always a definite upside to Mitt Romney picking Ryan Paul as his running mate: You make the presidential contest about a big clash of ideas; Romney's campaign is now about something. But there also was an obvious downside for Romney: You turn the race into a conversation about Medicare, entitlements and the role of government, relegating a discussion about the economy to the back seat -- at least for the time being. Yes, Romney talked about the economy yesterday in Florida. And yes, Ryan talked about it in Iowa, too. But what was yesterday's dominant political story? Medicare. What's the subject of the Romney campaign's heavily played TV ad? Welfare (which is a role-of-government issue). What's the subject matter of its latest TV ad? Criticizing the Obama campaign over that pro-Obama Super PAC advertisement. And what does today's official news that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be delivering the keynote at the GOP convention suggest? We're coming after government. (After all, New Jersey's unemployment rate stands at 9.6%, well above the national average.)"

"For now, the issue of the economy is no longer driving this presidential contest. And you have to ask yourself: Which campaign benefits the most from that?"


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