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September 06, 2012

President Obama Accepts the Democratic Nomination

President Obama's acceptance speech sounded more like a State of the Union address than the soaring rhetoric he used to rally the Democratic conventions in 2004 and 2008. But it was exactly what polls suggest people wanted: Specific plans and proposals for a second term.

Obama also made a persuasive case that things are better today than they were four years ago. It's not an easy one to make but he was helped tremendously last night by Bill Clinton and tonight by Joe Biden. 

The Obama campaign wanted this election to be a stark choice between two different governing philosophies and not a referendum on the president's tenure. With this beautifully orchestrated convention -- and with poor strategic decisions and unforced errors by Mitt Romney and the Republicans -- they have succeeded.

Democrats decisively won the battle of the party conventions. It wasn't even close really. And they continue to hold the upper hand in this election.

I'm really looking forward to the debates.


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