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September 07, 2012

How to Judge the Conventions

First Read: "Last week, the consensus was that Mitt Romney gave a good speech for Romney... Today, some are judging Obama on not meeting the height of past speeches, as well as this week's other addresses by Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton. But when you compare Romney's speech with Obama's and the GOP convention vs. the Dem convention, it's easy to conclude that Obama and the Democrats won the past two weeks. Indeed, maybe the best way to judge the Democratic convention isn't by Obama's speech last night but rather by the whole three days. You saw the building up of Obama the man by Michelle; the contrast and the economic narrative from Bill Clinton; and the way forward from Obama. Another way to look at it -- Michelle put down the building blocks, Clinton put up the walls, and Obama put on the roof. Beyond a concerted effort to make Romney more likeable, you didn't see the same thing last week in Tampa."

"And now we head to the post-convention polls, and perhaps the best way to look at any bounce isn't by the head-to-head numbers, but rather by what each side set out to do. So for Romney, let's look to see if his favorability numbers increase. And for Obama, let's see if those enthusiasm/interest numbers go up."


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