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September 25, 2012

Time for Romney to Write Off Ohio?

First Read: "We noted yesterday the importance of Ohio in this presidential election and to Romney. But it's hard to overstate it - this may be the make-or-break week for the campaign in the state. If this week's bus tour doesn't move the needle, as the Romney campaign might say, they very well could decide to all but write off the Buckeye State. They won't say it explicitly; they'll go through the motions, but they may have no choice than to try and shore up or make in roads in places like Wisconsin, Colorado Florida, and Virginia."

Alex Burns: "Ohio isn't the only reason why national Republicans are so pessimistic about Romney's campaign right now, but it is one of the big reasons, and it's why the Romney campaign's continued references to national tracking polls are wide of the mark. Even if Romney managed to move the national campaign 2 to 3 points in his direction, it would probably leave him short of a win unless he improved his position in Ohio by a bigger margin."


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