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October 09, 2012

All Eyes on Ohio

First Read: "More than a week ago, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie predicted on Meet the Press that the entire narrative of the presidential contest would change after the first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. And White House senior adviser David Plouffe responded to Christie's pronouncement this way: 'If it's going to fundamentally change, that means in seven or 10 days from now you'll see states like Ohio tied, states like Iowa tied. Because that's what really matters here.'"

"After some of the first polls since that debate (including Pew), Christie -- who campaigns with Romney today -- looks pretty prescient. But the point Plouffe made is the important development to watch in the coming days. Will the polling out of Ohio and Iowa, especially the ones conducted a few days after the debate, show a dramatically different race? Or will they show, despite some tightening, that Obama still holds the advantage on those states? If Ohio is in Obama's column, it is VERY difficult for Romney to get to 270 electoral votes; he can do it without Ohio, but it's hard. We'll find out later this week where things stand in the Buckeye State."

Meanwhile, the New York Times writes that Romney is making a big push in Ohio over the next couple of days.


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