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October 21, 2012

Foreign Policy Debate May Prove Pivotal

"With one debate left, President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are retreating from the campaign trail to bone up on foreign policy, leaving the work of courting voters to their running mates," the AP reports.

"Obama left Friday for Camp David... He was to remain there with advisers until Monday morning. Romney was to spend the weekend in Florida with aides preparing the debate."

Chris Cillizza: "With the level of preparation that goes into these debates by both candidates -- not to mention the litigating of the format to within an inch of its life by the campaign lawyers -- surprises are a rarity. But the foreign policy-themed debate does offer the possibility that a question is asked for which one (or both) of the candidates doesn't have an answer at the ready... A gap in knowledge would be very problematic for either man, but even more so for Romney, who, as mentioned above, largely remains an unknown (or unproven) commodity on foreign policy for most voters."

David Sanger: "The early line is that this is an opportunity for Mr. Obama to shine, and to repair the damage from the first debate."


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