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October 25, 2012

Obama Explains Clinton's Role

President Obama explained to Rolling Stone Bill Clinton's prominent role in his re-election campaign.

Said Obama: "Our relationship is terrific. He did a masterful job, obviously, at the convention. ... I'm talking to him regularly, and he has given me good advice. ... The biggest challenge we've always had is that unlike FDR - who came into office when the economy had already bottomed out, so people understood that everything done subsequently to his election was making things better -- I came in just as we were sliding. Because of the actions we took, we averted a Great Depression -- but in the process, we also muddied up the political narrative, because it allowed somebody like Romney to somehow blame my policies for the mess that the previous administration created. Bill Clinton can point that out in ways that are really helpful and really powerful."

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign announced Clinton will appear at rallies with the president on Monday in Florida, Virginia and Ohio.


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