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October 25, 2012

Reid's Machine Seeks to Push Obama to Victory

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is ready to test his political strength in Nevada, the New York Times reports.

"Mr. Reid has spent the last 10 years building a political machine that helped Mr. Obama win Nevada in 2008 and carried Mr. Reid to a re-election victory two years ago that stunned many pollsters. It is widely praised -- even by Republicans -- as one of the most effective voter-organizing and money-raising political organizations..."

"Mr. Reid's organization is a large reason that Mr. Obama is favored by many analysts to win narrowly in Nevada, despite what may be the worst economic climate in the nation and a sizable population of voters who, like Mitt Romney, are Mormons. Mr. Reid, who has long been strongly supportive of Mr. Obama in Washington... has made it clear that he views a victory for Mr. Obama in his state as a personal mission. This reflects not only his admiration for the president but also his visceral dislike for Mr. Romney, expressed in constant needling and attacks for almost six months."


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