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November 03, 2012

What's Next for Paul Ryan?

People close to Paul Ryan are already talking to the Associated Press about what he might do if he and Mitt Romney lose the election next week.

"These Ryan allies spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private proposals they were preparing for him. They insist Ryan is not worried about anything beyond the election and is not planning anything except being a governing partner to Romney."

"They say that if he fails, Ryan's instincts will be to return to the House -- he is running for re-election to his House seat at the same time he's Romney's running mate -- and resume his role as Budget Committee chairman... A return also would make Ryan a leading target for Democrats... That is why some of Ryan's biggest boosters are considering whether it wouldn't be better for Ryan to resign from the House. He could write a book -- 'saving America' is a theme often bandied about -- or teach at a university."


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