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November 07, 2012

A Big Night for Liberals

Ben Smith and Zeke Miller: "The first post-baby boomer president was returned to the White House with the widest, clearest re-election win since Ronald Reagan won 49 states in 1984, yet a smaller mandate than his own his 2008 victory. And Democrats now have, in Obama, their Reagan: A figure both historic and ideological, who can carry, if not quite fulfill, a liberal vision of activist government and soft but sometimes deadly power abroad that will define his party for a generation."

"Obama lacks Reagan's sweeping victory, and presides over a more deeply divided country than when he took office. But the breadth of his accomplishments have been validated by Tuesday's vote. ObamaCare is now a firmly rooted component of the nation's social compact. Americans appear to have accepted his campaign's argument that he deserves more credit for a nascent economic recovery than blame for it's slow pace."

"And the vision of a conservative resurgence appears to have fallen short. The best the Republican party could muster was a Massachusetts moderate masquerading as 'severely conservative.' The Tea Party is a memory, an embarrassment to a party that didn't even mention it at its national convention in Tampa. And the network that led the conservative resurgence, Fox, suffered a sort of televised meltdown as the results came in, with Karl Rove berating host Megyn Kelly for calling the election, he said, prematurely."

Molly Ball: "Gay marriage won in four states. Three states made marijuana legal. Democrats didn't just keep the Senate in a tough year, they gained seats. And of course, Barack Obama won reelection. Nov. 6, 2012, forecast as the squeaker conclusion to a toss-up race, was not a landslide, but it was a ringing victory for liberals across the board."


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