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November 14, 2012

Candidates Eye Potential Senate Vacancy in Massachusetts

Potential candidates in Massachusetts "are quietly scrambling to position themselves to run for Sen. John Kerry's seat if President Obama appoints Kerry to be his next secretary of state, or secretary of defense," the Boston Globe reports.

"A Senate vacancy would probably create a comeback scenario for Senator Scott Brown, the Republican who lost the seat to Democrat Elizabeth Warren in last week's election. He has sent clear signals in his concession speech and in recent interviews that he has an eye on another run."

"Among the high-profile Democratic officeholders who are expressing interest are three of the state's congressmen: Edward J. Markey of Malden, the 66-year old dean of the congressional delegation; Michael E. Capuano of Somerville, who ran second to Martha Coakley in the 2009 Senate primary; and Stephen F. Lynch of South Boston, a conservative Democrat who won his seat in a 2001 special election in which several liberals divided the vote on the left."


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