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November 17, 2012

Moderate Republicans Edge Closer to Extinction

Doyle McManus: "It's not surprising that House conservatives see things their own way. Even if the country as a whole voted for President Obama this month, conservative House members did just fine in their own districts ... Of 216 House Republicans who ran for reelection, only 14 were defeated, a mortality rate of just over 6%. Members of the tea party caucus did even better than that; only about 5% were defeated."

"Which Republicans lost their seats? Moderates and moderate conservatives, disproportionately. Among the incumbents who ran for reelection, 48 were members of a group called the Republican Main Street Partnership, nonradical conservatives who sometimes call themselves 'center right.' Seven of those 48 lost their seats -- a mortality rate of 15%, more than twice as high as Republicans in general. When you add retirements and other departures, more than a dozen moderate conservatives won't be coming back next year. Moderate Republicans were an endangered species in Congress even before this year's election. Now they're even closer to extinction."


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