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December 04, 2012

GOP Can't Just Blame Romney

Winston Group: "As a result, there was little clear rationale for a Romney presidency, other than that he would not be Obama. That was not enough to win, as the electorate was looking for solutions and an explanation of how each candidate would govern. But to simply blame Romney would not be correct. Many other Republican candidates also lost in races they were expected to win, and at the Senate level, some actually did worse than Romney."

"For example, in North Dakota, a Senate race that Republicans were expected to win, Berg trailed Romney by 9%. In Montana, another Senate race that Republicans should have won, Rehberg trailed Romney by 10%. In neither of these states did minorities play a significant role the way they did nationally, and younger voters decreased as a percentage of the electorate in Montana, going from 22% In 2008 to 15% in 2012. In exit polls in Montana, 1 out of 8 voters voted for Romney and Tester."


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