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December 07, 2012

Why Jim DeMint Will Be More Powerful Outside Senate

Steve Kornacki: "What DeMint has apparently figured out is that in today's Republican universe there's less of a relationship than ever between holding office and holding power. This is what the rise of insular conservative media has done. News is interpreted, talking points are developed and agendas are set on Fox News, talk radio and in the right-wing blogosphere. Republican members of Congress, by and large, take their cues from conservative media, rather than shaping it. This year's GOP presidential primaries featured more Fox News contributors than active office-holders."

"Way back, DeMint needed his office to attract attention, but now that he's a huge player in the insular Republican universe, he doesn't need it anymore. He can keep right on calling the shots from his new perch at Heritage. Do you think Fox News will be any less interested in having him on now? Or that his endorsement will represent the stamp of purity any less than it now does? He'll keep right on playing the same role, although there will be one difference: He'll be making a lot more money."

First Read: "It's very possible that, in the long run, DeMint could make the conservative -- and anti-establishment -- movement even stronger from the outside. If Dick Armey could organize conservative forces in 2009-2010, just think what someone like DeMint could do; he very well could turn Heritage into a Club for Growth on steroids."


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